League U.S. Embassy Golf Assoc. #Directions to Chuan Chuen Golf Club

News Directions to Chuan Chuen Golf Club
Detail Directions to Chuan Chuen Golf Club 1. Take expressway towards Chang Watthana Rd (do not take the Don Muang Expressway). 2. Exit expressway at Sri Saman road (second exit after Chang Watthana) and go left on Sri Saman Road. 3. Go straight through major intersection (crossing 306 Tiwanon Rd) and continue along route 307. 4. Go over Nonthabuir Bridge. 5. After left hand curve in road see golf driving range on left. 6. Just past driving range take right at light onto route 307 7. Chuan Chuen entrance 200 meters on left at the water fountain. 8. Go past guard and drive into housing community following golf signs.
Posted at 2005-09-01 20:56:43


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