“Mercedes Trophy 2014”

“MercedesTrophy 2014”: a stage for amateur golfers who wish to be Thai representative in Stuttgart

   - The 25th anniversary of MercedesTrophy worldwide and the 15th anniversary of MercedesTrophy in Thailand

   - The new C-Class will be awarded for the golfer who can do a Hole-in-One in Country Final round
   - “Drive to the Major” is a privileged program  for selected golfers who entered Asian Final round

Mercedes–Benz (Thailand) Limited, with supportive hands from many outstanding sponsors, is going to organize “MercedesTrophy 2014”, an exclusive international series of invitational tournaments for Mercedes-Benz customers with a passion for golf. Winners of Thailand in Country Final round will fly to Australia to compete in regional level. Regional winner will be able to tee–off in the World Final stage, hosted in Stuttgart, Germany.Mr. Michael Grewe, President and CEO of Mercedes–Benz (Thailand) Limited, reveals that “As a part of our annual marketing campaigns, MercedesTrophy is a tournament hosted to extend our relationship with customers who love golf and would like to play in international level. This year we celebrate the 25th anniversary of MercedesTrophy worldwide and the 15th anniversary of the competition in Thailand.  What makes it special than previous years is that golfer who scores Hole-in-One in the Country Final will own the new Mercedes-Benz C-Class which will be premiered at the Bangkok International Motor Show in late March. Moreover, representatives of Thailand in Asian Final stage will have a chance to experience The Open Championship as           Mercedes-Benz’ s VIP
guests in “Drive to the Major” program, a worldwide unique highlight reserved for selected golfers in this tournament only.”

Mr. Grewe continues, “Ever since the MercedesTrophy has been held in Thailand, we have welcomed over 7,500 Mercedes-Benz customers across the country who participated in the special competition.  Today, golf is one of the most popular sports in Thailand and it has been given attention also among the new generation.  In addition, the image dimensions of this sport are an ideal match for our brand image and the brand values of “Passion for Perfection”.  

Apart from a chance to exchange golf playing experiences and strengthen relationship, golfers are welcomed to experience Mercedes-Benz new models both in qualification and Country Final round that are going to be exhibited in the coming Bangkok International Motor Show. Some of the highlights are               the new C-Class – a whole new luxury sedan with sprightly and sporty design,               the G-Class – an off–road SUV designed for the toughest use, the GL-Class – a premium SUV for every situation, the S-Class, a world–class epitome of auto innovations, the M-Class – a premium off-road 5-seater perfect for versatile utility, and the CLS Shooting Brake – a new style vehicle that offers limitless and fascinated yet luxury and dynamics design.

Qualification stage of MercedesTrophy in this year is going to be held from April to June at 6 leading golf courses. The first round of this stage will be held on 11 April at Siam Country Club Pattaya Plantation. Each winner from 4 divisions from each golf course in this year will be at Black Mountain Golf Club in July for the Country Final Round.

MercedesTrophy 2014 in Thailand is supported by many leading sponsors including TaylorMade Adidas, Mercedes-Benz Protection by Mercedes-Benz Leasing, Glenmorangie single malt whisky and Agoda.

Customers who wish to join MercedesTrophy 2014 can contact every authorized distributor of Mercedes–Benz nationwide for further information. Applications are welcomed until 1 April 2014.

About MercedesTrophy

MercedesTrophy is a worldwide premium golf tournament series for amateurs under the organization of Mercedes-Benz to promote golf playing and to be a meeting stage for customers, dealers and staffs of Mercedes-Benz under          “The best or nothing.” slogan. This tournament gives an opportunity for amateur golfers who use Mercedes-Benz from around the globe to meet each other.

Currently, the tournament was held for 25 consecutive years from 1989. For the year 2014, this exclusive series for customers of Mercedes-Benz is staged in more than 60 markets worldwide. More than 65,000 golfers compete in this tournament every year and the tournament is greatly welcomed by customers of             Mercedes-Benz since the first year of competition.The series follow a three-stage format. It begins with invitational tournaments at the local level, in which players can qualify for the subsequent national finals and enter regional final level after that. The third and final stage of the tournament is MercedesTrophy World Final in late September of each year in Stuttgart, the “birthplace of the automobile”. Every participant in MercedesTrophy World Final is offered an exclusive program to peek into the world of Mercedes-Benz. The newly introduced contest of “Drive to the Major” will entitle the winners to be a part of a worldwide unique highlight - The Open Championship. The privileges include an exclusive meeting with world-class golfers or play on the same course where all golf professionals had played the day before. The winners will be able to enjoy these events as Mercedes-Benz VIP guests under the brand’s highest standards.

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