PLANETE BALLOON®,Launches a New Concept of Golf Course in Thailand!

Planete Balloon, representing in Asia the worldwide leader of captive balloons, recently achieved its installation of a unique aerostatic balloon and park in Hua Hin for its first client in Thailand. The stationary balloon lets visitors soar 100 meters over Hua Hin to enjoy an amazing panoramic view of the town and its surroundings
FLYOVERGREEN, a new concept for the golf courses:

Taking into account the quality of the courses and the great enthusiasm for golf over the Asian continent, Planete Balloon has conceptualized a derivate concept: FLYOVERGREEN.
The idea lies in installing a tethered helium balloon at the heart of a course or close to it to assure: an aerial view of the course – your sponsors‘ promotion – your events‘ advertisement.


The tethered balloon is an interesting attraction because it is easy to install and
the return on investment is quickly reached. Moreover, it does not need any specific authorization and it is a source of local job creation (more than 12 positions in the Hua Hin project). The installation and training are provided by PlaneteBallloon.


Besides, the captive balloon is an excellent communication tool. Visible for kilometres around, its giant billboard is a great advantage for the sponsors!


Quality and security await you

Planete Balloon gives priority to its security, reflected either in the choice of materials and in the crew training.

Helium is a neutral gas - noninflammable – nonpolluting 

Its winch is a “Marine” one, able to pull more than 10 times the maximal capacity of the balloon!

Planete Balloon carries out its flights within a large security margin, well below the usage limits of the balloon.

It trains crews at each Manoeuvre stage until they acquire a complete autonomy.



About Planete Balloon:

Planete Balloon, from France to the 5 continents, is a tourism consultant company specialised in ballooning (hot air balloon and tethered helium balloon) and outdoor activities (aerial park – aqua games). We intervene at request of Authorities or investors to install tourist projects worldwide.


Planete Balloon background & acquirements:

More than 20 years of experience in the aerostation area – Medal of tourism in 2007 awarded by the French Ministry of Tourism – In charge of tourist development in Loire Valley to promote the new Label “Oenotourisme” (Tourism and Vineyard) –
First hot-air Balloon Company in Touraine, France – First network of pilots in the World – More than 40 captive balloons throughout the World


Check out our Planete Balloon links in Youtube:


Contact in Asia

CEO Planete Balloon: Jean-Christophe BRASSART –

Skype: Planete Balloon – Facebook: Planete Balloon

Contact in ThailandMs. Parnmita SULTHORN +66 (0)87 041 3146

posted at 28 Jun 2013 13:48:20



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