PGA's Reid comes out as gay: 'Be proud of who you are'

Mel Reid announced Monday that she is joining Athlete Ally as a pro ambassador in that organization’s fight for equality and inclusion in sport.

Athlete Ally’s mission to “dismantle the systems of oppression that isolate, exclude and endanger LGBTQ people” is advanced on its web site.

Reid tweeted out the link to a Q&A she did with Athlete Ally, where she addresses her decision to come out as gay.

“The Tour is a very welcoming community, and it’s rare that anyone has an issue with sexuality or openly express any issues,” Reid said. “The only problem we run into is that being gay is still illegal or frowned upon in certain countries we play in. There are also a lot of male-dominated sponsors that are looking for certain types of players, so that’s why I have felt I can’t be quite as open as I would like to be when it comes to my personal life.

“I have always had good friends around me and supporting me, so I have never run into any huge issues with it during my career. The only issues I have had is when I have taken my girlfriend with me to dinners or awards, and I’m very conscious how I introduce her depending on the environment I’m in, because of the culture around the sport and the assumption that the sponsors would want to keep that part of my life quiet.”

Less than a half hour after tweeting out her news, Reid got strong public support from tennis great Billie Jean King.

Source : The Golf Channel

posted at 11 Dec 2018 06:39:07



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