Woods signs deal to play Bridgestone B330-S

When Tiger Woods arrived at the Hero World Challenge two weeks ago competing with a Bridgestone B330-S golf ball and TaylorMade woods, the golf world, as it does with Tiger, took notice.

After that trial run, Bridgestone and Woods made it official Thursday, announcing that Woods has entered into a multi-year agreement to endorse and play the B330-S.

In a news release, Bridgestone claimed Woods came to the conclusion that the B330-S was the best ball for him by his own accord, noting, “Through his personal research, Woods determined the Bridgestone ball provided superior distance and accuracy off the tee for him, as well as optimal spin on shots into and around the green.” 

Woods, along with other Nike Golf ambassadors like Rory McIlroy and Brooks Keopka, are now equipment free agents following Nike's August announcement that it was departing the ultra-competitive hard-goods side of the business.  

“Finding the right golf ball is extremely important. It’s an essential part of my equipment, and the Bridgestone B330-S ball is hands-down the best for my game,” Woods said through in the release. “Controlling launch and trajectory is critical and with this ball I feel I have total control to hit all shots accurately.  I’m not here just to play; I’m here to win and the innovative breakthroughs of the Bridgestone B330-S ball can help me do that.”

He also tweeted about the agreement later Thursday morning, emphasizing the "extensive golf ball testing" that led to his decision:

Source : The Golf Channel

posted at 19 Dec 2016 09:07:55



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