Tiger Woods 'Upset' Over Nike's Decision to Stop Making Clubs

It has now been a month since Nike dropped the bombshell news that it would exit the clubmaking business, and apparently that news didn’t sit very well with Tiger Woods.

Nike’s CEO Phil Knight recently joined ESPN’s Mike & Mike and shared details on breaking the news to the main face of Nike Golf.

"It was kind of an easy financial decision [to shut down Nike golf]," said Knight. "It was a really tough emotional decision. It was hard emotionally. It was hard emotionally for Tiger. I spoke to him a couple times. He was upset, and I was upset. It was something we would have rather not have happened, but the financial reality just led us to it."

History of Nike Golf: A Chronological Lookby Michael ChwaskyWe’re still not sure when Woods will tee it up competitively next, and when he does, it's unclear what clubs he will be using.

Tiger’s close friend Notah Begay III recently described the former No. 1’s dining room as resembling a PGA Tour superstore because of the amount of equipment that had been sent from various companies, adding: "He's trying a variety of different things, trying to get a sense of where he's going to go from this point on."

Source : Golf.com

posted at 05 Sep 2016 17:37:11



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