The Three Main Uses of Bitumen in Construction
Posted : 09 Sep 2018 17:31:04


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Bitumen is a really popular material that is widely used in the construction industry. There are various advantages of using Bitumen but this article does not talk about them rather in this article, we keep our focus more towards the major uses of Bitumen central west and its application.

It is widely known that bitumen is used in the construction of roads. Hence, it is worth mentioning that because of its various properties which include its ability to bind things together it is used even in the construction of railway platforms.

Another key usage of bitumen lies in the fact that is used in the construction of airport runways. Being sturdy, durable and having the ability to take on real pressure, bitumen automatically becomes the best choice material when it comes to the building of runways at airports.

In addition to being used in the construction of railway platforms, roads, and runways, bitumen is also used in the foundation of storage tanks. This makes them a lot more cost-efficient and enhances its longevity.

Bitumen is also used to control seepages, especially through the roof. Since bitumen seamlessly liquefies upon heating and covers all the potential leaking spots and then harden upon cooling, it is an ideal product to prevent leaks from occurring. It is perfect for its use as a water seepage deterrent.

There are many other applications and usages of bitumen around the world. However, these were some of the ones which are famously known and discussed in the construction industry. There are not many alternates to bitumen considering its unique properties.

We bring this information to our customers so they can make better and informed decisions when it comes to construction. We hope that you find this helpful and use this knowledge to your advantage.


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