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some of the reviews Fifty Shades Darker
Posted : 17 Feb 2017 12:43:18


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Scroll through some of the reviews, I noticed that people do not like "rag-Christian" ... I would not call it a rag. Even more than that, for me, this character in this part became more interesting than before. Of course, the abrupt change in the behavior of the character - it is a little unusual for him ... Time-something-anything just passed, but then again, I want to remember the psychologist-psychiatrist who becomes every reader. And it is not difficult to guess that the Christian wagon complexes, which he hides behind the dominance. I personally see this as a mask, and when the subwoofer in Ana's face began to show the character of (at last) he was frightened, and began to behave differently. In general, its behavior in relation to it, I believe it is logical. And really liked the fact that the author of this part is still more revealed his character and story than before.
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