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ขายเมมเบอร์สนามกอล์ฟ เกียรติธานีตลอดชีพ (Sales Member Kiarti Thanee Golf Course)
Posted : 03 Jun 2016 14:06:38


Posts: 34
HCP: 20.1
++ขายเมมเบอร์สนามกอล์ฟ เกียรติธานีตลอดชีพ เจ้าของขายเอง
ไม่มีค่ารายเดือน รายปี เสียเฉพาะค่า caddy. 300บาทต่อการเล่น1รอบ
320,000 บาท รวมค่าโอน
สนใจติดต่อคุณธนัตถ์ 089 116 1115


++The Kiarti Thanee Golf Course teeing grounds offer 3 tee-off points: the back tee at 6,905 yards; regular tee at 6,451 yards; and ladies tee at 5,488 yards. From the first to the last hole, golfers will experience various levels of difficulty on the course which explains the quote: “Easy to get a bogie, reasonably easy to get a par, but challenging to hole a birdie.” "Harder than it appears" is also how many golfers who have played here describe the flat course design with strategically placed bunkers, tree clusters, and waterways. The grass driving range has become a local favorite which can be attributed to the truly natural conditions to practice in alongside the picturesque scenery.

Sell Membership type :
A Founder Member, Life Member, or an
 Ordinary Member representing a corporate
 entity is permitted to appoint a nominee to
 exercise the membership rights on their

Price : 320,000 Baht (Inc. transfer fee)
Contact : Thanat 089 116 1115


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