Adams # Tight Lies Fairway Woods

Product Information
Manufacturer: Adams
Type: Fairway Woods
Model: Tight Lies Fairway Woods

User Rating
Value of Money

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From: Puman
Date: 2013-02-25 02:23:59
 Appearance: 4  Distance: 5  Forgiveness: 4
 Feeling: 5  Value of Money: 5  
Specifications: fairway wood 3 strong flex r
special price 3900 bht you cannot find any other club better than this. All othercomments above is true , it is the most value for money
From: VT
Date: 2013-02-25 02:23:59
 Appearance: 4  Distance: 4  Forgiveness: 5
 Feeling: 5  Value of Money: 5  
Specifications: flex-r
very easy to hit. I hit staight with 200 - 220 yard at first time.. it is very cheap when compare with others brand name. I bought it only 3,200 Bht with cover at FBT (Ram)
From: KC
Date: 2013-02-25 02:23:59
 Appearance: 3  Distance: 5  Forgiveness: 4
 Feeling: 4  Value of Money: 4  
Specifications: Graphite / Fairway Woods / Loft 16
Reasonable price with very good result. As its name, it is very easy to hit although in very tough lie.
From: Ace
Date: 2013-02-25 02:23:59
 Appearance: 4  Distance: 5  Forgiveness: 4
 Feeling: 4  Value of Money: 5  
Specifications: Strong 13, regular flex
Very easy to hit from rough due to the weight of the club head. With loft 13, I get more distance with less effort. The club needs a prctice to get use to the feeling. Best value for money club I have ever used (3900THB)


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