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Friendship Meadows Country Club is the golf course with 18 holes on the way to Pak Chong from Saraburi via the route 2. It takes about 2 hours to reach the course from Bangkok by car. The 18 holes are laid out along the ridge of mountains and many holes consist of undulating fairways and greens. Players are really requested to hit accurate shots on fairways and enjoy a good view of surrounding area from the mountain at same time.


Member Rating : ( 3 / 5 )


Course Information

  Name:  Friendship Meadows Country Club
  Address:  Mittraphab Highway Km 162-163 Amphur Parkchong Nakornratchasima 30130
  Telephone:  (044) 313-245, (044) 311-571, (044) 315-136, (02) 973-4468-9
  Fax:  (044) 312-955, (02) 973-3079
  URL:  -
  Closed:  -
  Designer:  Neilson Wright and Howar
  Opened:  -
  Holes:  18
  Par:  72
  Green Fees:  Member's Guest (Week Day) 600 Baht

Member's Guest (Week End) 1000 Baht

Visitor (Week Day) 600 Baht

Visitor (Week End) 1000 Baht

  Caddy Fee:  230 Baht
  Golf Cart:  600 Baht
  Rental Items:  Club Set 500 Baht
Shoes 50 Baht
  Credit Cards: 
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Lastest Reviews

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Posted: 2013-02-25 02:23:37
Played it on 24.2.08. It's a pitty. Such a beautiful course naturally embedded in the landscape with challenging holes but no mainenance since months or even years. The fairways are hard as stone, the sandbunkers have probably never been raked over months and at the kiosk hole 9 no electricity => no cool drinks.... Its a shame how the owners / management cares after this beautiful course!
Overall Rating:


Posted: 2013-02-25 02:23:37
Play on 11th Feb, condition of the course is bad, but quite challenging course, would recommend golfcart, it require quite good fitness to walk the whole 18 holes
Overall Rating:


Posted: 2013-02-25 02:23:37
Good location and also good layout. Fairway not sogood codition but the design quite challenge. Recommend to use golf cart becasue uphill and downhill so sharp. Atmostphere is so good, but sand buker have to improve a lot. Buker doesn't like bunker so no harm for golfer to approach the ball at the bunker.
Overall Rating:


Posted: 2013-02-25 02:23:37
Always a pleasure to play. This course has a good mix of challenge and charm. Hidden greens and fairways test your faith. Golf carts for all but the really hardcore golfer. Caddies are great. Call ahead and they just might recommend a hotel.
Overall Rating:


Posted: 2013-02-25 02:23:37
I played on a Sunday and there were a total of 3 golfers on the course.The caddy told me as normal they average 6 golfers per day.While the greens are sanded quite heavy and the fairways are not perfect the speed of play makes up for lots of that.It is in a very nice area-the caddy was very good.The club house was small but did have hot showers and while I did not eat I think they do have simeple food which would be all thai just guessing.In general not bad-I would guess even tho this is further from Bkk than some other courses the ease of getting here along with fast paly would make total time spent about the same as a Bkk course on a weekend.This would be a great place for a small tournment!


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